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and it is wrong to say that parallel lines meet at infinity. However, you can construct other geometric systems, whose "points" include not only the points of familiar geometry (describable as coordinate pairs (x,y)), but also other objects. › mathnet › questionCorner › infinity. In projective geometry, any pair of lines always intersects at some point, but parallel lines do not intersect in the real plane. The line at infinity is added. There exists a line at infinity in projective geometry which is the locus of all the points of intersections of parallel lines. Any euclidean space. › askscience › comments › why_do_parallel_lines_meet_. Why do parallel lines meet at infinity? · -∞ and ∞ are the same thing. · n/0 = ∞ (precisely, and not as a limit) · All lines intersect at. › questions › how-do-you-convince-someone-tha. In Euclidean geometry parallel lines "meet" and touch at infinity as their slope is same. In flat Hyperbolic geometry parallel lines can also touch but only at. It means that they don't meet, because as you correctly pointed out parallel lines never meet. Then what's the point in saying "they meet at. Since the interior angles on the same side of 2 parallel lines equal 90 degrees, the lines won't meet even if prodeced to infinity.


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