Download Galli Curci Egener Caruso De Luca Journet Bada Lucia Sextet Chi Mi Frena What Restrains Me Act 2 mp3 flac full album vinyl rip

Galli-Curci* - Egener* - Caruso* - De Luca* - Journet* - Bada* – Lucia—Sextet (Chi Mi Frena-What Restrains Me?) (Act 2). и прочую информацию о Galli-Curci* - Egener* - Caruso* - De Luca* - Journet* - Bada* - Lucia (Chi Mi Frena-What Restrains Me?) (Act 2) на Discogs. Tracks. A1: Lucia–Sextet (Chi Mi Frena - What Restrains Me?) (Act 2). Artist: Galli-Curci, Egener, Caruso, De Luca, Journet, Bada Composer: Donizetti. Performer: Galli-Curci; Egener; Caruso; de Luca; Journet; Bada Writer: Donizetti. Sextette with orchestra; In Italian; Lucia-Sextet. Victrola RS Lucia-Sextette Chi Mi Frena-What Restrains Me Donizetti, Galli-Curci-Egener-Caruso-de Luca-Journet-Bada. First issued circa The record(s) are sandwiched between cardboard inserts and paper filler pads the box. ENRICO CARUSO,GALLI-CURCI,EGENER, de Luca, JOURNET, BADA-. Donizetti - Lucia Sextet. (Chi mi frena) - What Restrains Me?- Act 2. one sided Victrola Enrico Caruso, a heretofore-unknown Opera singer from Italy, first recorded What Restrains Me?) (Act 2). Galli-Curci -Egener-Caruso-de Luca-Journet-Bada. (Act II), a classical music Single by Enrico Caruso / Amelita Galli-Curci / Marcel Marcel Journet / Giuseppe De Luca / Angelo Badà / Josef Pasternack. De Luca, Giuseppe, Giuseppe De Luca II [sound recording]: () [] Sextet: Chi mi frena = What restrains me?: act II [].


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