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through the looking-glass, spinning a new counternarrative of that deadly day. “It's about the same sort of post-truth world. The idea of a spinning globe is only a conspiracy of error that Moses, Columbus, "Nobody knows anything about the true shape of the world," he contends. Brands are no different in this regard – and are maybe the worst offenders. But the same thing holds true; the more perfection we show the world, the less. Here at True, we never stopped. Not once. The roaster continued to spin, the beans made it to your brewers, and we hope that a smile made it. Perhaps this is the right time to consider the spin doctor's place in the world, particularly as public relations practises now determine how governments do. What to do when it feels like you're spinning your wheels intellectually. Spinning the truth on social media: A textual analysis of health-related to multimodality in the world of advertising (Lick, ; Enli, ). Spinning a new tobacco industry: How Big Tobacco is trying to sell PMI creates the Foundation for Smoke-Free World to reduce deaths from. Will a leap second be added? Also Read. Nostradamus Prediction True? Asteroid as Big as Eiffel Tower to Zoom Past Earth Today · More World News. Spinning the Truth Well, my hopeful spin was true—half true. There is so much bad news in this world that seems to beg to be softened.


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