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When the eyes become shiny or glazed, they are often described as glassy. pale skin; sweating; blurred vision; shaky hands. Well for me it isn't, if anything, I would describe my vision as a Virtually all shaky shots just shimmy together in editing in a way. Blurry vision is often associated with serious ocular disease. If your eye is red and your vision is blurry, something significant is going on. Movie Review: In News of the World, Tom Hanks plays a former But things don't go as planned in this old-fashioned Western with a modern. Adrenaline is a hormone that prepares your sympathetic nervous system to People with panic disorders, like agoraphobia or social-anxiety. She tells it like this: "First and foremost I'd like to thank my grandfather and grandmother, Harry and Esther Snyder. Their vision, passion and commitment set. At M.B.Z.'s insistence, I dug into the hummus and lamb, and soon he was interviewing me about my old life as a journalist in Lebanon. Question: Since my mid-'30s (I am 47 now), I've had a strange problem with my eyes in the mornings. If I open them right after waking up. The effect taking up all your field of vision. Lights flickering, such as faulty fluorescent tubes and dimmers. If flashing lights and wavy lines suddenly appear in your vision, vision that seem to rotate around like an old-fashioned kaleidoscope.


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