When Nye Bevan said the Tories are lower than vermin, he was not wrong. Just take a look at this

Today marks six months since the Grenfell Tower tragedy, a tragedy that should never have happened. A total of 71 people were burned alive: 53 adults and 18 children in one of Britain’s worst cases of corporate murder.

Jeremy Corbyn attended today’s Grenfell Tower memorial service and comforted the mourners who will never stop grieving. And while he was out the front with the mourners, Theresa May made an appearance – and snook in via the back door.Just what does that say about Theresa May?

Despite today being a very painful day for the Grenfell Tower survivors, all Tory supporters can do is tweet bile and venom at Jeremy Corbyn. I mean, how dare he show sympathy and make the effort in meeting the survivors?One Tory supporter in particular regularly tweets bile and venom about Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party: Meet ‘Paul’, who goes by the Twitter handle @freespirited_p

So, Jeremy Corbyn makes Paul ‘sick’. I tell you what makes me sick, Paul: vermin like you who justify the actions of this abhorrent Tory Government.In 2013, the Tories received the outcome of an inquiry into fire safety of high-rise buildings following the Lakanal fire in 2009. The Tories ignored the recommendations of the report, and consequently the Grenfell Tower tragedy happened four years later. Gavin Barwell was the Tory MP responsible for the report being ignored. A Huffington Post article can be read here.‘Paul’ is just one of many Tory supporters who is ugly on the inside and on the outside. When Nye Bevan said the Tories are lower than vermin, he was not wrong…

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