UKIP is misleading Thurrock voters into thinking Labour is not standing in the election – so it can steal votes.

Tim Aker is leading a pathetic and desperate election campaign in Thurrock. Firstly, he is falsely claiming that UKIP is the only party opposing the Lower Thames Crossing. This is a barefaced lie. Labour has opposed this crossing since day one. And John Kent and Barbara and Gerard Rice have also campaigned against it – and still do.

Secondly, Tim Aker’s poorly-presented election literature is falsely claiming that Thurrock is a two-horse race between UKIP and the Conservatives. There is no mention of Labour or the Liberal Democrats. This has been done to deliberately mislead voters into a false pretence that Labour and the Liberal Democrats are not standing in Thurrock, and that the only alternative to Jackie Doyle-Price is UKIP. A lady recently raised this issue with Your Thurrock

Tim Aker and UKIP are treating the good people of Thurrock as fools. Many will not fall for his lies and deceit over the Lower Thames Crossing and false pretence that Labour and the Liberal Democrats are not standing in this election. On the contrary, John Kent and the Labour campaign trail has been all over Thurrock and receiving positive feedback from voters, based on what John Kent and Labour are saying on social media. Unlike UKIP, Labour does not have to lie to win an election. There are enough liars in Westminster as it, so why add Tim Aker to the collection? 

UKIP is now polling at 7%, yet in the 2015 General Election it was at 19%. Tim Aker has zero chance in winning Thurrock; the people saw through him in 2015 and will do so again on 8 June. Thurrock residents have even made reference to his atrocious performance in the EU Parliament – that is when he can be bothered to show up. 

The only way UKIP can win the election in Thurrock is by lying to the voters about the Lower Thames Crossing, steal Labour’s votes by giving a false pretence that the party is not standing, and claim credit for projects and decisions in Thurrock that are none of his business.

Across the country, UKIP are doing deals with the Conservatives in this general election by either not contesting seats or inviting supporters to vote tactically by voting Conservative. Theresa May has effectively replaced UKIP and taken swathes of votes which is why some people label her and the Conservatives as BluKip. 

But the bottom line is this: A vote for Tim Aker is a vote for Jackie Doyle-Price. A vote for John Kent is a vote for Jeremy Corbyn. 

Vote Labour on 8 June. 

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