Tory Party activist says women cry rape to claim ‘extra benefits’ 

The Tories’ new changes to Child Tax Credit (CTC) recently came into effect. As of 3 April 2017,  CTC will only be payable for two children; however if a third or subsequent child was born as the result of rape the child’s mother must complete a 12-page form proving she was raped. This is known as the ‘rape clause’ which has been widely condemned by rape charities, Labour, the SNP and other groups. Details of the CTC rape clause can be found here.

Being a victim of rape is bad enough. It’s degrading and horrifying, yet the Tories are now going that extra to humiliate victims of rape. The changes to CTC eligibiliy will cause child poverty to increase, but the rape clause sums up the realism of Theresa May’s caring ‘shared society’. People often put forward a flawed argument that parents shouldn’t have children if they can’t afford them – but a family can fall on hard times at any time without warning. 

Tory activist Josh Smith, who recently joined the Tory Party after quitting UKIP, tweeted that the CTC rape clause is ‘common sense’ as ‘women will claim rape to get more benefits’. 

Josh’s tweet is absolutely disgraceful, and is a disgusting and depraved attack on victims of rape. But I guess the Tories aren’t called the Nasty Party for nothing. 

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