Tory MP Ben Bradley is unfit to be politics – and Theresa May refuses to take action

Last year the Tories were outraged when Labour MP Jared O’Mara was exposed for posting a series of homophobic and misogynistic comments online – dating back to 2002. Tory MPs even tried to debate it in parliament but their attempt to smear him backfired when John Bercow refused their request:

Labour has rightfully suspended Jared and he remains suspended while he is investigated by the party. He has returned to his parliamentary duties but is currently acting as an independent politician while his suspension is in place.

Meanwhile, Tory MP Ben Bradley, who was very vocal when Jared was exposed for posting offensive comments online, is in hot water himself. One of Ben’s tweets has come back to haunt him – and the timing is perfect:

Ben Bradley has been exposed for posting a series of offensive comments online – and despite this, Theresa May has refused to suspend him or take any disciplinary action. Furthermore, several Tory MPs have come to his defence including the contemptible James Cleverly.

In 2012, Bradley called for people on welfare to have vasectomies – which is effectively eugenics. Shortly afterwards, Bradley was exposed for calling London to be socially cleansed of the poor and for them to be moved to the North of England. He was elected as an MP in June 2017, narrowly beating Labour for the constituency of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire – which happens to be in the North of England – by 1,057 votes.

Bradley has also attacked public sector workers including nurses who complained they were using food banks because of low pay and the Tories’ 1% pay cap. His sheer and utter ignorance towards public sector workers is absolutely disgraceful.

Another one of Bradley’s offensive comments about the London riots in August 2011 was also unearthed when he joked that the police should play a game of ‘splat the chavs’ with water cannons.

Theresa May recently appointed Ben Bradley as the Tories’ new ‘youth tsar’ to try and win support from young people, but his attitude and offensive comments prove he is unfit to be in politics, let alone appeal to the youth vote.

The Tories like to take the moral high ground and are only too quick to condemn Labour and Momentum for wrongdoing, yet they are defending Ben Bradley’s vile comments and feel he has done nothing wrong.

The Tories defending Bradley’s comments is yet another attack on people on welfare including sick and disabled people, public sector workers and young people.

I appeared on LBC on Tuesday, 16 January and spoke to Nick Ferrari about Bradley’s comments, and unsurprisingly Nick defended him. The state has absolutely no right in dictating how many children a family should have, nor does it have the right to support eugenics for people on welfare. This is the rhetoric of 1930s Germany.

One of the questions Nick asked me was “should Ben Bradley be sacked?”

My response was clear: no, he should not be sacked – that decision should be made by his constituents in Mansfield. But the fact Theresa May is refusing to take action against Bradley, as well as his colleagues leaping to his defence, says more about the Tories than it does those of us who are outraged and disgusted.

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