The Tories are the threat to national security, and the Manchester terror attack is why

Since 2010, the Tories have brutally cut the numbers in the Police Force by over 20,000, Armed Forces by over 20,000, the Home Office including Border Agency personnel by 6,000, the Navy by 5,000 and the RAF by 5,000. And it was recently revealed that Trident is operated by Windows XP, the same system used by the NHS that was recently hacked, causing chaos across the country. 

Theresa May was Home Secretary when these cuts were made and she authorised them. She was warned in 2012 about the pace of cuts to the Police Force but she continued with them regardless. Then, in 2015, she was again warned that Britain was at risk of a Paris-style terrorist attack because of cuts to the Police Force, the Armed Forces and the Home Office. The Police Federation also warned Theresa May, as did Jeremy Corbyn. She never listened and accused the Police Force of scaremongering and insisted that cuts would go ahead. 

Theresa May claims to be a ‘strong and stable’ leader but this could not be further from the truth. Tory cuts to the Police Force, Armed Forces and Home Office have put Britain at risk of terrorism – and that risk became a reality on 22 May 2017 when a suicide bomber killed 22 people at the Manchester Arena. The youngest victim was aged just 8. 

It has now emerged that the terrorist, Salman Abedi, was known to the Home Office and the FBI, but he still managed to commit the worst act of terror on British soil. Theresa May has serious questions to answer. 

Theresa May and this Tory Government are responsible for the threat of terrorism in Britain and they have blood on their hands. As Home Secretary, Theresa May repeatedly ignored the warnings about the effects her cuts were having on national security and crime. Now 22 people have paid the price for her incompetence and this Tory Government’s ruthless and damn-right dangerous austerity programme. 

I fully condemn the terrorist attack in Manchester and I also condemn Theresa May and this Tory Government for making it happen. Despite her claim of being a strong and stable leader, Theresa May never gave her press release until four hours after the terror attack. One of the first politicians to speak out was Jeremy Corbyn, followed by Tim Farron shortly afterwards.

The threat of terrorism has been raised to Critical which mean a terrorist attack is imminent. Theresa May has deployed troops on the streets to make up for the shortfall of Police Officers she has cut since 2010, and is using this opportunity to promote her strong and stable image. Do not be fooled.

On Tuesday, I cried tears of heartache, today I cry tears of anger. Tears of anger because this Tory Government is responsible for the threat of terrorism because austerity has put Britain at risk. Hearing the screams of those poor children in the Manchester Arena will haunt many of us forever. Beautiful children who were enjoying themselves have been killed and many more have been scarred for life. My niece is 12 this year and that could have been her inside the Manchester Arena.

We are just a few weeks away from the General Election and I urge you to vote Labour. Jeremy Corbyn has unveiled a fully-costed manifesto and it will include putting Britain’s security first by hiring 10,000 Police Officers, 500 Home Office Border Guards, 3,000 Firefighters, 3,000 Prison Officers, more Armed Forces personnel and a renewal of Trident, £10billion on cyber security and ban the sale of arms sales to Saudi Arabia. 

The Tories will not rule out further cuts to the Police Force, Armed Forces and Home Office, putting Britain more at risk to terrorism and crime. Theresa May is not a strong and stable leader, she is weak and wobbly. 

Theresa May and this Tory Government are a threat to national security and I hold them personally responsible for the terrorist atrocity in Manchester. 


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