Statement on Jess Phillips, Nadeem Ahmed and that fake tweet 

Last night an unfortunate occurrence on Twitter led to Jess Phillips wrongly being accused of posting a tweet suggesting she was going to contact the Home Office about one of her constituents, Mr Nadeem Ahmed, whom have both been embroiled in bitter exchanges over the last few days.  This tweet turned out to be fake, and Jess Phillips has now complained that a series of fake tweets have been set up in her name. These tweets are libellous, offensive and have caused Jess a great deal of distress and abuse. 

I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to Jess Phillips for wrongly accusing her of posting the tweet. Nadeem contacted me in a very distressed state as he has been experiencing racial and Islamophobic abuse on Twitter in relation to his on-going bitter exchanges with Jess – none of which she has orchestrated. 

The racist abuse Nadeem is continuing to experience and the misogynistic abuse being directed at Jess must stop now. Regardless of who you are, if I see any further abusive tweets directed at either individual then you will be blocked and reported. 

Nobody has the God-given right to abuse a member of the public or a politician on social media – or anywhere else. Remember, nobody is above the law. 

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