Owen Smith currently third in two-horse race against Jeremy Corbyn

Owen Smith continues to be humiliated in the Labour leadership race. This latest gem is magnificent. 

So far 166 Constituency Labour Party (CLP) groups have cast their nomination in the Labour leadership race: 

Jeremy Corbyn = 117

Owen Smith = 24

Neutral = 25

Owen Smith is never going to beat Jeremy Corbyn, and the longer this farce continues the more it humiliates and embarrasses Smith and his campaign. 

The result of the Labour leadership race will be announced on 24 September and Corbyn is expected to win with a bigger majority of approximately 83%. He was elected Labour leader in September 2015 with 59.5% of the vote. 

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9 thoughts on “Owen Smith currently third in two-horse race against Jeremy Corbyn

  1. Mike Nightingale

    I fully expect that if JC got a 100% vote, the coup MP’s would still be looking for a “Unity” candidate.

  2. Des Mills

    In my opinion, Owen Smith and his supporters are traitors and just as bad as Michael Groves. I am not a labour member but supports the Labour Party all my adult life, not because of personalities but because of policies. I believe in fearness, justice, peace and equality, social justice is very important to me and the nearest I see any political party coming to my belief is the Labour Party

  3. Robert Smith

    If Teresa may reneges on brexit and the labour party choose corbyn, ukip will split the tory vote and labour will win. I’ve got a tenner on it!

  4. MontyBest

    I agree, however, the NEC are bringing the whole party into disrepute, and this issue can not be allowed to percolate…

  5. Bruce avery

    I see
    Are supporting Smith, seems my low opinion of them is justified.


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