Only Labour will stop the Lower Thames Crossing in Thurrock. But that’s not just why John Kent will get my vote 

John Kent and the Labour Party have fiercely opposed the Thames Crossing since day one. John, along with Labour Councillor’s Barbara and Gerard Rice, have been heavily involved in the campaign against the Lower Thames Crossing. Labour has made it clear that this crossing is not welcome in Thurrock. 

UKIP are falsely claiming that they are the only party opposing the Lower Thames Crossing. This is a barefaced lie. UKIP are so desperate for votes that they are now playing party politics with the Lower Thames Crossing Campaign and people’s lives, the people who are affected by this crossing. 

Tim Aker is a political opportunist and he has failed the people of Aveley. He broke one of his key pledges he made in 2014: to reinstate the 373 bus service for Aveley and Belhus. This same pledge was made by Robert Ray in 2012 when he stood as a UKIP candidate in Aveley.

Tim Aker likes to consider himself the saviour of Aveley but nothing could be further from the truth. He has failed to deal with litter and fly tipping. He has failed to deal with antisocial behaviour. He has failed to deal with HGVs using Romford Road. He has failed to deal with uncut grass verges and parks. He has failed to deal with illegal and inconsiderate parking on pavements. He has failed to deal with potholes and street maintenance. He has failed to deal with noise nuisance from Damyns Hall Aerodrome, and next weekend it will be hosting a three-day music event that will go on until the early hours. And Tim Aker’s MEP record in the EU Parliament is also nothing to he proud of. 

We need an MP who will put Thurrock first.  That MP is John Kent. For far too long Thurrock has been misrepresented by Jackie Doyle-Price who misled voters over the Lower Thames Crossing. But she has also voted for brutal Tory austerity measures that are harming our community. Many people complain that Thurrock has become dirty and run-down – and that is the result of Tory austerity. Her record as our MP is not a good one, and Theresa May’s manifesto is the final nail in the coffin. And despite Jackie’s claims that the Tories are a party of the NHS, it was they who closed the NHS walk-in centre in Grays and have caused the current crisis at Basildon Hospital. 

John Kent is Thurrock born and bred. As a Councillor he has an brilliant record and he auccsssfully led the Labour council for 13 years. People should judge John on his record and achievements for Thurrock including his strong opposition to the Lower Thames Crossing. 

Jeremy Corbyn has unveiled a brilliant manifesto and his social reforms will hand power back to the people. No one will be left behind. Labour’s manifesto has been fully costed and it will be the rich who will pay for public services. There will be no more Tory austerity, no more inequality and no more division. Ordinary people and communities like Thurrock have been made to pay for the global economic downturn of 2008 that was caused by bankers and the elite. Iceland jailed 26 bankers, while the Tories rewarded ours with tax cuts. 

Labour’s manifesto is radical and popular, and will benefit communities like Thurrock. John Kent will serve Thurrock well as an MP, and Jeremy Corbyn will be the greatest Labour Prime Minister since Clement Attlee. Some people might laugh and jeer, others might say they are not going to vote, but the alternative is another 5 years of Theresa May who is already going down as the most ruthless and divisive Prime Minister since Margaret Thatcher. Elderly people who purchased their home through Thatcher’s right-to-buy will have to sell their home to pay for the Tories’ social care crisis if they fall ill. That will not happen under Labour. 

If you love your NHS and public services then you will vote Labour. If you love your community then you will vote for John Kent. And if you love real strong and stable leadership then you will vote for Jeremy Corbyn. 

Only John Kent and Labour will stop the Lower Thames Crossing. UKIP are only seeking to exploit it for political gain. 

Labour is for the many, not the few. And that is why I will be voting Labour on 8 June. 

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