Once again I am under attack for voting Brexit, and this time things have got personal

Once again I am under attack for voting Brexit, and this time things have got personal.

Over the weekend I have been attacked on social media because I voted Brexit. It is no secret which way I voted in the EU referendum, as I was very vocal about Brexit last year and have continued to defend my decision. 

‘Remainers’ have been keen to repeatedly tell me that just 37% of Britain voted to leave the EU and for that reason we should have a second referendum – basically because they are not prepared to accept the outcome of the referendum. 

But the sheer hypocrisy of Remainers has reached a new level. Some of them have known me on social media for more than three years and I remember them attacking Scottish nationalists and the SNP for calling for a second independence referendum. 

Remainers cannot have it both ways; they cannot attack Scottish nationalists and the SNP for pursuing a second independence referendum whilst they call for a second EU referendum. This is hypocrisy and double standards on the Remainers’ part. 

I voted Brexit for four reasons:

  • To take control of EU migration
  • To take control of our borders 
  • Sovereignty
  • To be liberated from EU bureaucracy 

At no point did I listen to the false promises coming from Boris Johnson, who said leaving the EU would mean an extra £350m a week for the NHS. Despite touring the country with that pledge on the side of a red bus and making the same pledge during an EU referendum debate live on ITV, Boris Johnson has now claimed that he never made this pledge. 

People should stop directing their anger at me for voting Brexit and direct it at the Tories instead. The Tories have badly handled Brexit from the outset which is damaging the economy – and is why David Cameron did a runner. Theresa May irresponsibly delaying Brexit negotiations in favour of a pointless snap general election also damaged the economy. Her gamble on 8 June backfired and she only has herself to blame. Serves her right. 

The Tories are in complete disarray over Brexit and the party is deeply divided; they are even unable to decide whether Britain will remain in the Single Market and how long the Brexit transitional period – or free EU movement – will be when Britain leaves the EU in 2019. It is totally shambolic and David Davies, the Tories’ Brexit Secretary, is nothing more than a laughingstock.

The EU is demanding Britain pay up to £80bn to leave the EU, and over the weekend the Dutch MP put that figure at £50bn. This ‘EU divorce settlement’ needs to be negotiated, EU leaders cannot just pluck figures out of thin air. David Davies should tell the EU to go whistle for any sums of money until it has audited its books, something which it has not done since the 1980s. And once audited, it should then publish the results. 

One of the most toxic EU figures is Jean-Claude Juncker, who received an £8,700 pay rise while imposing austerity on the Greeks. But that said, the Tories have done exactly the same in Britain. 

Jeremy Corbyn and Labour, however, have made it clear that if they were in power Britain would leave the Single Market and free EU movement would end in 2019. That said, there are a number of Labour MPs who are intent on sabotaging the party’s Brexit strategy, and one of those MPs is Chuka Umunna. 

In September 2016, Chuka Umunna publicly said that Britain should be prepared to leave the Single Market, yet nine months later he is saying that Britain should remain in the Single Market. He has one aim only and that is to split Labour over Brexit. How anyone can take him seriously on Brexit is beyond me. 

Jeremy Corbyn is respecting the outcome of the EU referendum and is committed to deliver a Brexit that benefits everyone and not just a few. Labour’s heartlands in the North of England voted Brexit by 75% and Corbyn is listening to them. In fact, he has won back swathes of support in the North after decades of neglect, dating back to the days of Neil Kinnock and New Labour. And he crushed UKIP. 

Under New Labour the party lost nearly 4 million votes between 1997 and 2010, many of whom were working class voters. Many of these voters turned to the BNP in 2005, and from 2010 onwards they turned to UKIP. This was not because they were racist, it was because both the BNP and UKIP were the only parties listening to working class people, especially in Labour’s northern heartlands who felt left behind by New Labour and their concerns about immigration were being ignored.

Here in Thurrock, the borough voted Brexit by 73% and support has not gone away. When I campaigned for Labour in Thurrock in 2014 and 2015, New Labour was toxic on the doorsteps and many residents were angry that Ed Miliband would not offer an EU referendum. Miliband underestimated the mood in Thurrock, in Labour’s northern heartlands and in other parts of the country which is why the party lost millions of votes to the Tories and UKIP. 

Recently, London-centric Labour MPs have attacked Brexit and called for Britain to remain in the Single Market. This would mean that EU freedom of movement would continue, despite the majority of people voting Brexit because of EU migration. London mayor Sadiq Khan and Labour MPs Diane Abbott, David Lammy, Wes Streeting and Chuka Umunna have demonstrated that they are out of touch with Labour’s northern heartlands and with the rest of the country. They simply do not have a clue what life is like outside of their London bubbles. 

If Labour takes their advice, as well as that of the Lib Dems and Remainers, then the party’s support in the north of England will collapse, and it will be to the advantage of the Tories. If that were to happen you can bet your life they will personally hold Jeremy Corbyn responsible rather than take responsibility of their own actions.

The personal attacks I have encountered over the weekend are abhorrent. I have been labelled a racist, a xenophobe, a Nazi, a Tory and a Kipper. And I have been likened to the BNP. These personal attacks are no different to the abuse that came from Remainer Bob Geldof, a foul-mouthed millionaire tax exile, who last year verbally abused a convoy Brexit supporters on the River Thames with a megaphone. 

I am absolutely sick of the rich and the elite using their wealth to influence political decisions. Many working class people voted Brexit, yet we have millionaires like Tony Blair, Neil Kinnock, Bob Geldof, Gina Miller, Richard Branson and Charlie Mullins using their wealth to override the will of millions of working class people who voted Brexit. These millionaires only want Britain to remain in the EU to suit their own financial arrangements. 

The hypocrisy of the Remainers has reached new heights, as many of them complain about wealthy Rupert Murdoch influencing politics and oppose him taking 100% control of Sky TV for that very reason – but they have no problem sharing platforms with a millionaire tax exile like Bob Geldof or greedy capitalists like Richard Branson and Gina Miller. 

I have heard on the grapevine that Remainers will hold demonstrations outside the Labour, Tory and UKIP conferences in the autumn, no doubt Bob Geldof will be there with his foot soldiers verbally abusing people through his megaphone. 

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