New Labour relic Richard Angell uses the tragic death of a baby to attack Momentum

Another day, another Blairite tantrum courtesy of New Labour relic and Progress chairman Richard Angell. Only this time he has reached a new low.

In a heated argument on Twitter over Blairite-run Haringey Council’s Haringey Development Vehicle (HDV), which is basically a plan to sell off £2billion worth of social housing and is strongly opposed by local residents and Momentum activists, Richard Angell protested against Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) intervention after it told Haringey Council not to progress with its HDV project.

Richard Angell then attacked the Labour NEC and Momentum by accusing the so-called “hard-left” – a phrase he often uses to describe Momentum, Jeremy Corbyn and his allies – of doing nothing when Baby P tragically died in Haringey in August 2007.

Firstly, the Labour NEC was Blairite-run in 2007. Secondly, Blairite-run New Labour was in government – so Angell’s accusation that the hard-left “did nothing” when Baby P died is absolute nonsense.

Angell spends a great deal of his time slagging off Jeremy Corbyn and Momentum, but he has reached a new low by weaponising the tragic death of Baby P to attack Momentum. Several people have already reported Angell’s vile tweet to Labour’s General Secretary Iain McNicol and it may lead his suspension – and hopefully expulsion.

Angell is one of many Blairites who has weaponised antisemitism in their crusade against Jeremy Corbyn and Momentum, and now he has weaponised the death of Baby P for the same purpose.

I will certainly not be lectured by a New Labour relic who defends Tony Blair’s mass-murder of millions of Iraqi civilians and weaponises dead children in his crusade against the so-called hard-left.

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