My apology to the transgender community

Today, I posted a Twitter poll in response to Jeremy Corbyn rightfully saying on the Andrew Marr Show that transgender women should be allowed to join all-women shortlists.

My sole intention of posting this poll was for feedback and debate, but it would appear that I have upset transgender men by not including them or making reference to them.

I believe strongly and passionately in transgender rights and believe that transgender men should be included in shortlists. I want more transgender people involved in politics and hope they get the support from all political parties.

My Twitter poll has received some good responses and I am pleased that the majority of responses have been positive and constructive, however there have also been a large number of transphobic responses tweeted and I strongly condemn them.

If my Twitter poll has caused offence then I profusely apologise. As for the abhorrent transphobic responses, they just prove that a lot more work needs to be done to fight the bigotry that the LGBT community faces on a daily basis.

Unity is strength, and standing together in defiance the LGBT community will win.

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