Labour candidate Bernard McEldowney accuses child sex abuse victims of being money-grabbing liars

Bernard McEldowney is under fire for accusing child sex abuse victims of telling lies so they can get compensation – but the Labour Party has failed to take any action. 

Mr McEldowney is a former police offer and his comments about child sex abuse victims are deeply disturbing and offensive. As a former police officer he should have sympathy and understanding – but instead he has taken the Rolf Harris approach who famously accused his accusers of being ‘money-grabbing wenches’.

Labour has expelled party members – mostly pro-Corbyn – for retweeting the Green Party and punished others for speaking out about Israel’s human rights abuses against Palestinians – while anti-Corbyn member Mr McEldowney can freely vilify child sex abuse victims on social media yet stand as a candidate in next month’s local elections.

It’s clear that it’s one rule for New Labour relics like Mr Eldowney, who spends a great deal of time attacking Jeremy Corbyn and abusing his supporters on social media, but the rules are completely different for Jeremy Corbyn supporters. 

Bernard McEldowney is unfit to be in politics, let alone the Labour Party. His comments about child sex abuse victims should lead to instant expulsion. General Secretary Iain McNicol must act now proving that his ‘zero tolerance approach’ applies to all party members and not just those on the Left of the party.

I urge everyone to lodge a complaint about Bernard McEldowney directly by e-mailing IainMcNicol at

It’s no wonder child sex abuse victims are so reticent to come forward when people like Bernard McEldowney label them liars and money-grabbers. If you are a victim of child sex abuse or fear that someone else is, don’t suffer in silence: come forward and get justice – and don’t let the likes of Bernard McEldowney put you off. 

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