Ian Paisley Jr complains about the ‘universal hatred’ of the DUP and compares it to Islamophobia

People across the UK are rightfully angry at Theresa May bunging the DUP a staggering £1.5bn just so she can remain in power, yet she says there is no ‘magic money tree’ to end austerity or give Public Sector workers a pay rise.

The Tories have spent the last two years labelling Jeremy Corbyn a terrorist sympathiser, but now they have done a deal with the DUP – despite the party’s history of racism and homophobia, and links to violence and terrorism. 

The DUP does not support gay rights and has labelled the LGBT+ community ‘perverts’ and says that we should be ‘cured’ of our sexuality. The DUP also opposes abortion, even if a woman has been raped. And DUP has connections to the KKK. 

It stands to reason that the DUP has received a hostile reception: the party’s stance on gay rights and racism is not welcome. As a gay man, I strongly object to the DUP making decisions that affect my future, like voting with the Tories to oppose a pay rise for Public Sector workers.

Ian Paisley Jr needs to get his own house in order before he condemns people for rightfully calling out the DUP on its atrocious record. 

There is enough division in Britain as it is and the last thing we need is the DUP making it worse. Since the Tories announced their deal with the DUP, provocational Orange Marches have taken place in Northern Ireland, Liverpool and Glasgow – and it is causing division among Irish communities. 

Sinn Féin has rightfully identified that Theresa May’s deal with the DUP is in breach of the Good Friday Agreement. 

Theresa May’s deal with the DUP shows how low she will stoop just to stay in power. Some people describe the Tory-DUP deal as a ‘coalition of crackpots’ but I prefer to call it the Axis of Evil. 

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