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Workers, trade unions and people must unite and vote Labour on 8 June. Here’s why

The snap general election on 8 June is a huge opportunity for workers, trade unions and people across the country to unite and vote the Tories out.

The disabled and their carers. Public Sector workers including teachers, doctors, nurses, paramedics, police officers, firefighters, social workers, members of the Armed Forces, council workers and Civil Servants. Young people aged 18 to 24. Families and households who are ‘just about managing’. And women including lone parents and those fleeing domestic violence who have lack of support because Tory cuts have led to the closure of refuges. 

All of the above – and I am one of them – have been affected by Tory austerity in one way or another. The disabled are being robbed of their dignity, others robbed of their benefits and mobility vehicles while mental health patients are being left to fend for themselves because of Tory cuts to mental health services. Some disabled people have resorted to suicide because they saw it as their only option. 

Public Sector workers including the Emergency Services and Civil Servants are working under immense pressure because of Tory cuts to staffing and resources. Offices are being closed, work is being centralised (and endlessly being relocated from one site to another) while staffing levels continue to fall. NHS waiting times are up while hospitals and A&E units are being closed. Crime is up and so are police response times, while police numbers continue to be cut and stations are closed. And teachers are struggling to cope in oversized classes. 

Tory cuts to public services are having a detrimental effect on the people who rely on them. Public Sector workers are leaving their posts after years of dedication, care and loyalty – and I am on the verge of doing the same after 16 years. Public Sector workers are going off sick with stress, depression and anxiety – mental health conditions caused by work-related stress – who are often bullied back to work because they are threatened with dismissal. And to add insult to injury, Public Sector workers have been awarded a paltry 1% pay rise. 

Young people and women have been hit the hardest by Tory austerity. Young people who have fallen on hard times are now being denied Council Tax and Housing Benefit which will cause debt, stress and homelessness. Young people are leaving school with no aspiration because careers offices have been closed and financial support for college students from poorer backgrounds has been axed. Tuition fees have also been hiked. 

Young people from poorer backgrounds have been priced out of further education and forced into low-paid jobs and zero hours contracts. Some young people are even turning to a life of crime because they have been thrown on the scrapheap. 

Working mothers are struggling to feed and clothe their children, while those fleeing domestic violence have lack of support because Tory cuts have led to the closure of refuges. Refuges are a lifeline for anyone fleeing an abusive relationship. Child poverty has also reached record levels and is about to get worse because of Tory cuts to Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit. 

Theresa May says Britain is uniting post-Brexit but her claim could not be further from the truth. The gap between the rich and poor has reached record levels while the North-South divide continues to widen. Hate crimes against ethnic minorities, immigrants, Muslims, Jews, the LGBT community and the disabled are on the rise and much of that has been caused by divisive political rhetoric pre and post-Brexit. 

Britain has never been so divided, some might even argue that it’s worse now than it was under Margaret Thatcher. But it really doesn’t have to be like this. 

On 8 June, workers, trade unions and people must unite and vote Labour. Jeremy Corbyn is the first politician in decades to truly represent working class people and he has moved Labour back to the Left where the party belongs. Labour was built on left-wing principles and social reform which benefits everyone and not just a few. 

Labour has recently announced a wave of new policies that will transform Britain: 

• Free school meals for primary school children aged between 4 and 11

• Minimum Wage will be £10 an hour by 2020

• Rail and bus companies will be renationalised when the current private franchises reach their end of contract

• £500 a year extra for carers claiming Carer’s Allowance

• NHS services will be renationalised saving £5bn in profits to private companies like Virgin Care

• More investment in mental health services 

• Tackling Britain’s housing crisis by building 200,000 affordable homes a year, including £100,000 council homes 

• Tory Inheritance Tax cut will be abolished

• Tory Corporation Tax cut will be abolished

• Private firms in tax havens will be banned from bidding for Government contracts

• Public Sector pay cap of 1% will be abolished

• Sweetheart deals between multi-corporations and HMRC will be banned

• Tory grammar schools and free schools will be abolished 

• Late payments to SMEs will be banned 

• Tory business rates hike will be abolished

• Gender pay cap will be abolished

• Zero hours contracts will be banned for employees who have regular hours 

• Multi-corporations like Tesco and Amazon will have to publish their tax returns

• People earning £70,000 or more a year will pay a higher rate of tax 

• More apprenticeships for school leavers 

• Paying off Britain’s debt and deficit in a fair way where everyone pays their fair share as opposed to the disabled and working households

• £500bn investment in local communities across the country including housebuilding and local infrastructure 

• Fracking will be abolished 

• A Brexit that benefits everyone and not just a few 

• A breakup of media monopolies like the Rupert Murdoch empire 

• Banking reform 

• Tackling child poverty 

• Welfare cuts will be abolished and more support given to the disabled and working families 

Labour will be announcing more policies over the coming weeks. Jeremy Corbyn’s social reforms will transform Britain and hand power back to the people – and that’s why he is under constant attack by the Tories and Establishment. The days of the rich living a life of luxury at the expense of ordinary people will be over, and that’s why Jeremy Corbyn poses a huge threat to the Establishment. 

Jeremy Corbyn genuinely cares about the difficulties that are affecting ordinary people across Britain. Tory austerity is causing hardship, homelessness, inequality and deaths and it will get worse if Theresa May is re-elected. 

People have a choice on 8 June: Social reform under Jeremy Corbyn or an extreme right-wing Tory Government under Theresa May that will continue to cause division and only look after the rich. 

I will be voting Labour on 8 June because I want a fairer society and a Britain I can believe in. As a disabled man, Theresa May and the Tories couldn’t care less about me, but at least I have Jeremy Corbyn fighting my corner. And he’s fighting for the millions of other people across Britain who are finding life difficult under the Tories.

Vote Labour on 8 June. Let’s make this election a revolution and put an end to Tory rule once and for all. 

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Britain’s young people must vote Labour on 8 June. Here’s why

Since the Tories came into power in 2010, young people from poorer backgrounds across the country have been hit very hard by austerity. And things are about to get a lot worse. 

The Tories have created a lost generation. Young people from poorer backgrounds cannot afford to attend college or university because the financial support that was put in place by Labour has been axed by the Tories. As a result, young people are leaving school with no aspiration and are being forced into low-paid low-skilled jobs and zero hours contracts. 

Tory cuts continue to bite. Careers offices have been closed. EMA for poorer students has been axed. Tuition fees have been hiked and are due to increase again. Apprenticeships are sparse. And those aged 18 to 24 who have fallen into hard times have had their benefits cut and are no longer entitled to Council Tax and Housing Benefit. This will cause severe hardship and homelessness, stress, debt and mental health. 

Some young people will turn to crime, drink and drugs. Others will get into serious debt by relying on payday loans to make ends meet. And others will see suicide as their only way out because they have nowhere else to turn to because the safeguards and support they once had has been taken away by the Tories. 

Theresa May’s grammar schools programme will cause division and will only benefit affluent pupils, while poorer pupils and those who have not done as well at school will be thrown on the scrapheap. It’s also privatisation of Britain’s education and grammar schools which is widely opposed by teachers and they are considering industrial action on a scale not been seen since the 1980s. But there is hope for Britain’s young people: Jeremy Corbyn and Labour. 

Labour opposes grammar schools. Labour opposes the abolishment of EMA and closure of careers offices. Labour opposes tuition fees and cuts to Council Tax and Housing Benefit for people aged 18 to 21. Labour will ensure more apprenticeships are available and will stop employers using zero hour contracts for regular workers. Labour will invest in building more affordable homes. And Labour will increase the Minimum Wage to £10 an hour by 2020. More Labour policies can be found here.

But Labour cannot achieve these things unless in government. Labour acknowledges the hardship that young people are suffering under the Tories and Jeremy Corbyn has condemned the way the Tories are treating them. Only Labour is fighting the Tories on austerity, hardship and inequality which is affecting millions of people across the country. 

The Tories always show contempt towards the poor and vulnerable by laughing and jeering at Jeremy Corbyn and Labour whenever they raise issues in Parliament about the effects Tory austerity is having on people across the country. Tory austerity is causing hardship, homelessness, hardship, inequality and deaths, but the Tories answer is to laugh. 

Young people must vote Labour on 8 June to send a clear message to Theresa May. Defeatism and not bothering to vote is not an option. Young people are the future of Britain and they deserve a better start in life and the only way this can be achieved is by voting Labour. The alternative is another 5 years of the most right-wing Tory Government since Margaret Thatcher – and another 5 years of austerity, hardship and inequality which will continue hitting young people, ordinary working households and women the hardest. 

If you are not registered to vote you must do so by 22 May. Click here to register. 

Use your vote wisely. Vote Labour on 8 June. 

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Has Theresa May called a snap election to bury the police investigation into Tory election fraud? 

Hours after Theresa May announced that she was calling for a snap general election, Channel 4 News reporter Michael Crick tweeted that the CPS is considering charging more than 30 individuals for Tory expenses fraud relating to the 2015 general election: 

Is Theresa May’s real motive for a snap election to bury the police investigation into Tory election fraud? It’s too much of a coincidence, and based on the Tories’ track record they are experts at burying bad news in Parliament. 

Theresa May’s stone cold speech outside Number 10 was full of soundbites and excuses. She used Brexit as her reason to call a snap election but then accused Labour, the Lib Dems, SNP and unelected members of the House of Lords of sabotaging Brexit and undermining her authority. 

It’s too much of a coincidence that Theresa May has called a snap election just as the CPS considers whether to prosecute the Tories. It would appear that the Tory election fraud investigation is far more serious than we thought and it could blow the Tories to pieces. If Tory MPs are prosecuted then they will have to resign and Theresa May will lose her small majority because the public won’t trust the Tories again. Nobody in their right mind would vote for a party that has just been prosecuted for breaking electoral law.

There is much more to the Tory electoral fraud investigation that meets the eye – and Theresa May could be using Brexit and opposition parties as scapegoats to cover her own backside. 

Watch this space.

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Theresa May has called a snap general election to increase her mandate. And she’s using Brexit as a scapegoat

Theresa May has called for a snap general election on 8 June and is using Brexit and opposition parties as a smokescreen. Her sole purpose for a snap election is to increase her mandate so she can crush opposition parties and plough ahead with her tough Tory policies that will drag Britain to the far-right. 

Since 2010, ordinary people across Britain have been hit with Tory austerity. The gap between rich and poor is at its widest ever. So is inequality including the North-South divide. And Tory austerity is causing hardship, homelessness, inequality and deaths, while public services like the NHS and the Emergency Services struggle to cope because of Tory cuts. 

Child poverty has reached record levels, yet the Tories have cut Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit which will only exacerbate it. Women have been hit the hardest with austerity and can now only receive financial support for a third or subsequent child if the child was conceived by rape – and they have to relive the horror and humiliation by completeing a 12-page form just to receive extra Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit. This is known as the Tories’ ‘rape clause’. 

Disabled people are being forced off disability benefits while many others have had their benefits cut and mobility vehicles revoked. Carers have also been affected. The Tories’ treatment of carers, the sick, the disabled and mental health sufferes is appalling which has led to intervention from the United Nations. The Tories are abusing the human rights and dignity of the disabled and mentally ill, while support services have been cut and which is leading to suicides. 

The Tories have failed to clear the deficit and have increased borrowing which has exceeded £1.5trillion – that’s more money borrowed than every Labour Chancellor combined. And only last month they delivered a Budget which was partly defeated by a humiliating u-turn on tax rises for self-employed workers – despite the Tories pledging in 2015 that they would not increase taxes. 

The NHS is being dismantled. Waiting times are up. Cancellations are up. Bed shortages are up. A&Es and major hospitals are being closed. And NHS staff are leaving the profession because they cannot cope with the pressure and patient demand. Social care has also been cut resulting in district nurses spending less time with elderly and vulnerable patients. Then we have GP surgeries that are making patients wait weeks for appointments. 

Crime is up, particularly knife and sex offences. Antisocial behaviour is also a big problem across Britain because police numbers have been cut which is affecting response times and the number of incidents local forces can attend. 

The Tories have cut school funding yet have blown £138.5million on 62 free schools that have either closed or did not open to begin with. Meanwhile, funding has been cut for state schools while Theresa May pumps money into her grammar schools programme which will cause division between affluent pupils and those from poorer backgrounds. 

The Tories have created a lost generation. Young people from poorer backgrounds are leaving school with no aspiration. Careers offices have been closed. Financial support for college students from poorer backgrounds has been axed. Tuition fees have been increased and are about to be hiked again. Young people from poorer backgrounds are being forced into low paid and zero hours contracts. Britain’s young people deserve a better start in life. 

Immigration is still a problem. Despite Britain voting Brexit because we want to take back control of our borders and immigration numbers, Theresa May now says that the EU’s freedom of movement will continue afrter Brexit. 

Since becoming Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn has forced the Tories into 30 u-turns, yet in her snap election speech Theresa May complained about Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the SNP. She also complained about unelected members of the House of Lords. The reason? Because the opposition parties have more clout than Theresa May desires and her main objective is to crush the opposition parties so she can plough ahead with her divisive and toxic policies that will only benefit the rich while the rest of us bear the brunt. 

It was announced at the weekend that Tesco will receive a tax cut of £105m while smaller companies are being hit with tax rises, yet Theresa May claims that the Tories are a party of fairness and are in the national interest. If that were true then why have the Tories imposed austerity on Britain’s poorest and most vulnerable in society? Why do they continue to hack away at Britain’s vital public services? Why do they feel it is acceptable to cut public sector staffing, close offices, increase workloads and impose a paltry 1% pay rise? And if angry public sector workers speak out they are threatened and punished. 

Britain deserves better. Children did not cause the global economic crash in 2008. Neither did the NHS. Neither did the police. Neither did teachers. Neither did the disabled and their carers. And neither did ethnic minorities or immigration. But we have all been held accountable on the part of Tory austerity. 

In Thurrock, our incumbent Tory MP Jackie Doyle-Price was re-elected in 2015 with a mandate that included protection of our greenbelt, local houses for local people but most importantly, she would fight to stop the Lower Thames Crossing coming through Thurrock. She has broken those three promises and betrayed the people of Thurrock and they will never forgive her. She will not be re-elected. 

Labour must fight against the Lower Thames Crossing. For far too long Thurrock has been the dumping ground of Essex and London. Enough is enough. Labour now has the opportunity to win Thurrock back and truly represent the community. And I believe it will. 

There is an alternative to Theresa May’s ideology of a far-right and unequal Britain: Jeremy Corbyn and Labour. 

Jeremy Corbyn has recently announced a wave of new policies that will transform Britain. Free school meals for every primary school pupil. Large companies like Tesco and Amazon being made to publish their tax returns. An increase in the amount of Carer’s Allowance being paid to Britain’s hardworking carers. And a £10-an-hour Living Wage by 2020. 

Jeremy Corbyn is under constant attack because he is a threat to the Establishment, his social reforms will give the people of Britain more power including the renationalisation of the railways and bus companies. Labour will reach out to every community and deliver a Brexit and policies that will benefit everyone and not just a few. Labour will end inequality and the social injustice and hardship that is affecting millions of people across the country. Labour is also committed to investing in our public services including schools, the Emergency Services and the NHS plus more mental health services to ensure mental health sufferers are given the support they need. Labour will also invest in housebuilding in communities where homelessness, overcrowding and waiting lists have got out of control.  

People have a choice on 8 June: Social reform under Jeremy Corbyn or social division under Theresa May. Here is your chance to vote for a politician who will bring down the Establishment and hand power back to the people; a politician who will put the Great back into Britain and a politician who has the same ideologies as the late Clement Attlee. 

That politician is Jeremy Corbyn. 

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Tory Party activist says women cry rape to claim ‘extra benefits’ 

The Tories’ new changes to Child Tax Credit (CTC) recently came into effect. As of 3 April 2017,  CTC will only be payable for two children; however if a third or subsequent child was born as the result of rape the child’s mother must complete a 12-page form proving she was raped. This is known as the ‘rape clause’ which has been widely condemned by rape charities, Labour, the SNP and other groups. Details of the CTC rape clause can be found here.

Being a victim of rape is bad enough. It’s degrading and horrifying, yet the Tories are now going that extra to humiliate victims of rape. The changes to CTC eligibiliy will cause child poverty to increase, but the rape clause sums up the realism of Theresa May’s caring ‘shared society’. People often put forward a flawed argument that parents shouldn’t have children if they can’t afford them – but a family can fall on hard times at any time without warning. 

Tory activist Josh Smith, who recently joined the Tory Party after quitting UKIP, tweeted that the CTC rape clause is ‘common sense’ as ‘women will claim rape to get more benefits’. 

Josh’s tweet is absolutely disgraceful, and is a disgusting and depraved attack on victims of rape. But I guess the Tories aren’t called the Nasty Party for nothing. 

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An update on the illegal rave in Belhus woods in Thurrock

On Saturday, 8 April an illegal rave was held in Belhus woods in Thurrock. I lodged a complaint with Essex Police and today have spoken with Inspector Kevin Whipps. We discussed the matter at length and he gave me a full explanation as to why the illegal rave continued through the night.

A member of the public alerted Essex Police at around 9.30pm that a large group of people were heading towards Belhus woods and some appeared to be carrying items. Police attended the scene and there were about 300 people in attendance. However,at that time no music was being played. The music started at around 11pm.

Essex Police received the first call about the illegal rave at around 1am. This may be because some residents said they had difficulties when contacting 101. Police did attend the scene but at that time the music had stopped. I can confirm that there were intermittent periods of silence at the illegal rave, as I could clearly hear the racket from my house. 

The illegal rave then continued and another complaint was made by a member of the public at around 3am. There had also been an incident in nearby South Ockendon as a member of the public was attacked by two men with a samurai sword. This was a major incident, as the victim had been seriously injured and Essex Police had to prioritise it and use all available resources. The two suspects escaped on foot and were being sought by the police helicopter which also flew to the scene of the illegal rave. 

The next call Essex Police received about the illegal rave was about 5am. By this time, most of the revellers had left the scene and the illegal rave stopped soon after. 

Inspector Whipps stressed that members of the public must report such incidents at the time and not hours later or even the next day – the more people that complain will give Essex Police the opportunity to put forward all available resources to tackle the problem. 

Inspector Whipps apologised about the noise from the illegal rave and assured me that Essex Police does take these matters very seriously. He also explained that police numbers in Essex have been drastically cut since 2010 which is making the task of tackling crime much more difficult – and I can fully sympathise with him. I too work in the public sector and my Department has suffered staffing cuts and office closures since 2010 and it is difficult to provide a good service that the public expect and deserve. 

We often direct our anger at public services, at police, at teachers and at the NHS when things go wrong – but we should understand that public sector workers are under immense pressure due to Tory cuts. 

I am very grateful to Inspector Whipps speaking to me and investigating my complaint and I apologised for coming across sharp in my complaint, but I assured him that I would update the people who were affected by the illegal rave and I thanked him for contacting me.

To some people in Thurrock I might come across as a whiny man with nothing else better to do, but to many others I come across as someone who cares. And I do care. I care about Thurrock and my community. And I will continue fighting for all the right reasons. 

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Labour candidate Bernard McEldowney accuses child sex abuse victims of being money-grabbing liars

Bernard McEldowney is under fire for accusing child sex abuse victims of telling lies so they can get compensation – but the Labour Party has failed to take any action. 

Mr McEldowney is a former police offer and his comments about child sex abuse victims are deeply disturbing and offensive. As a former police officer he should have sympathy and understanding – but instead he has taken the Rolf Harris approach who famously accused his accusers of being ‘money-grabbing wenches’.

Labour has expelled party members – mostly pro-Corbyn – for retweeting the Green Party and punished others for speaking out about Israel’s human rights abuses against Palestinians – while anti-Corbyn member Mr McEldowney can freely vilify child sex abuse victims on social media yet stand as a candidate in next month’s local elections.

It’s clear that it’s one rule for New Labour relics like Mr Eldowney, who spends a great deal of time attacking Jeremy Corbyn and abusing his supporters on social media, but the rules are completely different for Jeremy Corbyn supporters. 

Bernard McEldowney is unfit to be in politics, let alone the Labour Party. His comments about child sex abuse victims should lead to instant expulsion. General Secretary Iain McNicol must act now proving that his ‘zero tolerance approach’ applies to all party members and not just those on the Left of the party.

I urge everyone to lodge a complaint about Bernard McEldowney directly by e-mailing IainMcNicol at

It’s no wonder child sex abuse victims are so reticent to come forward when people like Bernard McEldowney label them liars and money-grabbers. If you are a victim of child sex abuse or fear that someone else is, don’t suffer in silence: come forward and get justice – and don’t let the likes of Bernard McEldowney put you off. 

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Lower Thames Crossing: Proof that Thurrock remains the dumping ground of Essex and London 

The Government’s decision to locate the new Lower Thames Crossing in Thurrock is not only devastating, it’s damn-right disgraceful. For decades Thurrock has been the dumping ground of Essex and London. We took their household waste at landfill sites. We’ve suffered pollution and gridlock because of mass house building and the Dartford Crossing. And we’re a hotspot for the London overspill. 

It was recently revealed that pollution levels in Thurrock and Dartford weren’t being accurately recorded and I suggest this was a deliberate act: The recording of pollution levels in Thurrock might have changed the decision to have the new Lower Thames Crossing located here. 

Life expectancy in Thurrock is much lower than it is in neighbouring Havering because of pollution levels. Asthma, respiratory diseases and cancer is a common problem in Thurrock – and it’s all linked to pollution. Thurrock is regularly gridlocked when there are problems at the Dartford Crossing; surrounding roads including the M25, A13 and many back roads particularly around Grays, Lakeside, Chafford Hundred and West Thurrock are affected. The amount of pollution this causes is unacceptable – and it’s local residents who breathe in these toxic fumes. I work in Basildon and my 20-minute journey has turned into a 3-hour nightmare on more than one occasion due to gridlock caused by the Dartford Crossing. 

The New Lower Thames Crossing should be located at Canvey where it can link up with the A130 and A127. It will devastate Thurrock’s greenbelt in Orsett and homes will have to be demolished to make way for it. Having the Lower Thames Crossing in Thurrock will not only cause more pollution and misery for local residents, it will also still continue to block local roads including the M25 and A13 if there are problems at either crossing. Clearly, none of this has been considered or thought through. 

As a community Thurrock must make a stand and send a message to the Government that we will fight the Lower Thames Crossing. We don’t want it here; Thurrock has been the dumping ground for Essex and London for far too long and enough is enough. For the sake of Thurrock’s air quality, health and life expectancy we must not let this crossing go ahead. Defeatism is not an option. 

So, come on Thurrock: let’s unite and fight as a community. We can do this. And we can succeed. 

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Antisocial behaviour in Thurrock: It’s time for a zero tolerance approach

Every weekend in Thurrock residents suffer with noise pollution from boy racers roaring around the borough. West Thurrock and Chafford Hundred in particular bear the brunt of it. The noise can be heard as far as Aveley, South Ockendon and Stafford Clays. But enough is enough. 

I live in Aveley and Saturday, 8 April was the worst I have ever known it in Thurrock. Not only could residents hear the din of boy racers roaring around West Thurrock and adjacent roads including the M25, we were kept awake by a dance music festival which went on until gone 5am. After making enquiries I have been unable to acertain where the music festival was, but it was in the direction of Basildon. Residents in Aveley, South Ockendon and West Thurrock took to social media to complain about the noise. It was a warm night and many residents had their windows open but had lack of sleep because of noise. Residents also took to social media to complain that despite calling 101, Essex Police were not answering the phone. 

At the end of May, the residents of Aveley, South Ockendon, Rainham and Upminster will suffer more noise from Damyns Hall which will be hosting its annual We Are FSTVL event. This three-day extravaganza will go on from Friday 26 to Sunday 28 May, yet despite the problems local residents experienced from this event last year and the year before, this year’s event will be longer. Disruption will also be caused to local residents as Romford Road will be closed for the duration of the event, meaning residents will have to find alternative routes. 

Damyns Hall is causing misery to the residents of Aveley, Rainham and Upminster because of this music event during the summer months when most people have their windows open at night because of the heat. Furthermore, we suffer noise from low-flying aircraft taking off and landing as well as airshows. Some of the aircraft are literally a few hundred feet above the houses on the Kenningtons Estate in Aveley and it is inevitable that a fatality will happen. If an aircraft crashed in Aveley it would cause huge devastation and loss of life. 

Damyns Hall and other establishments hosting music events near residential areas is completely unacceptable and unfair. Thurrock is expanding at a rapid pace, we have become first choice for the London overspill which is why more and more houses are being built here. Why should the residents have to suffer noise from boy racers and music events at places like Damyns Hall? It is simply wrong to host these events near built-up areas – we are never consulted and Thurrock Council clearly has a complete lack of control. 

It is wrong to blame Essex Police for not tackling antisocial behaviour and boy racers, we have to acknowledge that the Tory Government has cut police numbers in Essex – cuts that were backed by Tory Councillors in Thurrock. Essex Police can only work with the tools they have available and they are working as hard as they can and I pay tribute to them.

Our Tory MP, Jackie Doyle-Price, and local councillors in Thurrock, irrespective of their political party, need to work together with residents and Essex Police to impose a zero tolerance approach on antisocial behaviour that is plaguing the borough. We need more police patrols – end of. Police numbers in Essex need to be increased. We also need a tougher approach towards boy racers and places like Damyns Hall that are making lives a misery for Thurrock residents. 

I propose that the roads used by boy racers have speed humps and speed cameras installed. I also propose roads at Lakeside that are used by boy racers are closed off on Friday and Saturday nights – these roads are barely used by other motorists at those times. But ultimately, more police presence is needed.

Anyone caught racing or speeding in residential areas should have their vehicles confiscated and crushed, and the driver fined £1,000 and banned from driving for 12 months. Furthermore, anyone caught driving around with loud exhausts that exceed the legal noise level should instantly be given seven days to have the exhaust amended or replaced – and failure to do so will result in the vehicle being confiscated and crushed and the owner fined £500 and given 6 points on their licence. 

Places like Damyns Hall should be banned from hosting music events – they should not be held near residential areas. Full-stop. 

Due to the lack of police presence in Thurrock, antisocial behaviour is accelerating because people are taking advantage of the situation. Action needs to be taken now before the situation spirals out of control. 

Britain has become a lawless society under the Tory Government and this is the direct result of austerity, which includes cuts to police forces across the country. It is time to make a stand. 

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Ken Livingstone is being persecuted by the Israel Lobby and Blairites for quoting a historical fact

Ken Livingstone was been suspended by the Labour Party in April 2016 over his comments about Hitler and Zionism. Ken quoted a historical fact and has done absolutely nothing wrong but is being persecuted by the Israel Lobby and New Labour relics. 

Labour’s decision to suspend Ken for a further 12 months is not only disgraceful but it proves that the Israel Lobby and Blairites are in complete control of the Labour Party and are controlling people’s lives. 

Ken has been accused of antisemitism but he has done nothing to warrant such an accusation. Antisemitism has been weaponised by the Israel Lobby and pro-Israel supporters and is being used as a tool to shut down critics of Israel, pro-Palestine supporters and innocent people like Ken by smearing them with false claims of antisemitism. 

I was targeted by the Israel Lobby, Blairites and pro-Israel supporters in 2015 after I posted a series of tweets condemning Israel’s human rights abuses against Palestinians. I also made reference to Tesco and M&S having Jewish blood based on their heritage, as both companies were founded by Jews. There was absolutely no malice in my tweets about Tesco and M&S but they were deliberately blown out of proportion. 

My tweets were posted in 2014 but were dug up by the Israel Lobby and Blairites in 2015 and presented to the Labour Party and even my employer. That is how toxic the Israel Lobby is; it will stoop to any level to vilify and falsely accuse a person of antisemitism. The Israel Lobby uses antisemitism to destroy people’s lives, but their hate campaign against me backfired and I kept my job after my employer ruled that my tweets were not antisemitic. Labour, on the otherhand, decided that my tweets were antisemitic and decided to exclude me for a period of two years. I can rejoin the party later this year it I so wish. 

Last year when George Galloway had glitter thrown in his face as he delivered a speech, the Israel Lobby took to social media and celebrated. It was a disgusting display on their part. 

Ken is experiencing the exact same treatment as me: there was no malice in his comments but they have been blown out of proportion. If a person is to be vilified and hounded by the Israel Lobby for quoting a historical fact then freedom of speech does not exist. The Israel Lobby is controlling freedom of speech and people’s lives when it comes to criticisms of Israel and historical fact. 

Ken does not hate Jews and nor do I. In fact, like Ken, I have campaigned against racism and inequality and I will continue to do so. I do think, however, that Holocaust denial should be illegal. Anyone who questions or mocks the Holocaust and puts forward their conspiracy theories ought to be thoroughly ashamed. I believe the Holocaust happened but conspiracy theorists have never provided any concrete evidence to back up their ludicrous claims. 

I was bitterly disappointed with Jeremy Corbyn’s response to Labour’s ruling, he has effectively thrown Ken, a loyal ally, to the wolves. Ken should not have to apologise for quoting a historical fact and nor should he be silenced by the Israel Lobby, Blairites and by people who found his comments to be offensive. 

Labour MPs have lined up to attack Ken one by one, MPs like Wes Streeting who never had a problem when Ken campaigned for him and helped get him elected in 2015. Wes is a hypocrite and two-faced. 

I stand in solidarity with Ken Livingstone and I will continue to defend him because he has done absolutely nothing wrong, but the people who are vilifying and attacking him for quoting a historical fact are lower than vermin. 

Antisemitism used to apply to people who hated Jews, but these days it also applies to critics of Israel, pro-Palestine and pro-Jeremy Corbyn supporters and people like Ken for quoting a historical fact. 

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