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Tory MP Ben Bradley is unfit to be politics – and Theresa May refuses to take action

Last year the Tories were outraged when Labour MP Jared O’Mara was exposed for posting a series of homophobic and misogynistic comments online – dating back to 2002. Tory MPs even tried to debate it in parliament but their attempt to smear him backfired when John Bercow refused their request:

Labour has rightfully suspended Jared and he remains suspended while he is investigated by the party. He has returned to his parliamentary duties but is currently acting as an independent politician while his suspension is in place.

Meanwhile, Tory MP Ben Bradley, who was very vocal when Jared was exposed for posting offensive comments online, is in hot water himself. One of Ben’s tweets has come back to haunt him – and the timing is perfect:

Ben Bradley has been exposed for posting a series of offensive comments online – and despite this, Theresa May has refused to suspend him or take any disciplinary action. Furthermore, several Tory MPs have come to his defence including the contemptible James Cleverly.

In 2012, Bradley called for people on welfare to have vasectomies – which is effectively eugenics. Shortly afterwards, Bradley was exposed for calling London to be socially cleansed of the poor and for them to be moved to the North of England. He was elected as an MP in June 2017, narrowly beating Labour for the constituency of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire – which happens to be in the North of England – by 1,057 votes.

Bradley has also attacked public sector workers including nurses who complained they were using food banks because of low pay and the Tories’ 1% pay cap. His sheer and utter ignorance towards public sector workers is absolutely disgraceful.

Another one of Bradley’s offensive comments about the London riots in August 2011 was also unearthed when he joked that the police should play a game of ‘splat the chavs’ with water cannons.

Theresa May recently appointed Ben Bradley as the Tories’ new ‘youth tsar’ to try and win support from young people, but his attitude and offensive comments prove he is unfit to be in politics, let alone appeal to the youth vote.

The Tories like to take the moral high ground and are only too quick to condemn Labour and Momentum for wrongdoing, yet they are defending Ben Bradley’s vile comments and feel he has done nothing wrong.

The Tories defending Bradley’s comments is yet another attack on people on welfare including sick and disabled people, public sector workers and young people.

I appeared on LBC on Tuesday, 16 January and spoke to Nick Ferrari about Bradley’s comments, and unsurprisingly Nick defended him. The state has absolutely no right in dictating how many children a family should have, nor does it have the right to support eugenics for people on welfare. This is the rhetoric of 1930s Germany.

One of the questions Nick asked me was “should Ben Bradley be sacked?”

My response was clear: no, he should not be sacked – that decision should be made by his constituents in Mansfield. But the fact Theresa May is refusing to take action against Bradley, as well as his colleagues leaping to his defence, says more about the Tories than it does those of us who are outraged and disgusted.

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Holocaust denial is illegal in some countries, so why not in Britain?

For years now I have called for Holocaust denial to be made illegal in Britain. That also includes mocking the Holocaust. Yet, whenever I make this suggestion I am accused of attacking freedom of speech.

Holocaust denial and mocking the Holocaust is not freedom of speech, both are offensive and disrespectful to the victims and survivors of the Holocaust. Hitler and the Nazis were responsible for the murder of 6 million people in concentration camps and most of them were Jews.

Holocaust deniers and conspiracy theorists dispute the events of the war but they have not once provided any concrete evidence to back up their unsubstantiated claims; they merely dress up opinion and conspiracy as fact.

The survivors of the Holocaust are living proof that it happened, but the words of crazy conspiracy theorists carry no weight.

I believe Holocaust denial should be made illegal in Britain. If a person sprays graffiti on a cenotaph then they are rightly arrested for it and are accused of disrespecting the war dead, yet a person can freely deny or mock the Holocaust. Are their actions not also disrespecting the war dead? One rule for one and another rule for another.

Here is just one shocking example of why Holocaust denial needs to be banned in Britain. Conspiracy theorists aim to change the course of history by denying the Holocaust happened. They must be stopped from poisoning people’s minds.

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When Nye Bevan said the Tories are lower than vermin, he was not wrong. Just take a look at this

Today marks six months since the Grenfell Tower tragedy, a tragedy that should never have happened. A total of 71 people were burned alive: 53 adults and 18 children in one of Britain’s worst cases of corporate murder.

Jeremy Corbyn attended today’s Grenfell Tower memorial service and comforted the mourners who will never stop grieving. And while he was out the front with the mourners, Theresa May made an appearance – and snook in via the back door.Just what does that say about Theresa May?

Despite today being a very painful day for the Grenfell Tower survivors, all Tory supporters can do is tweet bile and venom at Jeremy Corbyn. I mean, how dare he show sympathy and make the effort in meeting the survivors?One Tory supporter in particular regularly tweets bile and venom about Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party: Meet ‘Paul’, who goes by the Twitter handle @freespirited_p

So, Jeremy Corbyn makes Paul ‘sick’. I tell you what makes me sick, Paul: vermin like you who justify the actions of this abhorrent Tory Government.In 2013, the Tories received the outcome of an inquiry into fire safety of high-rise buildings following the Lakanal fire in 2009. The Tories ignored the recommendations of the report, and consequently the Grenfell Tower tragedy happened four years later. Gavin Barwell was the Tory MP responsible for the report being ignored. A Huffington Post article can be read here.‘Paul’ is just one of many Tory supporters who is ugly on the inside and on the outside. When Nye Bevan said the Tories are lower than vermin, he was not wrong…

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It’s time for far-right movements to be banned in Britain once and for all

Since the Brexit vote in June 2016, hate crimes in Britain have reached record levels. Whether Brexiteers like it or not, Brexit has played a part. I voted Brexit, but not because I am racist or xenophobic. Nor did I listen to the likes of Nigel Farage and Arron Banks. I had my own reasons.

Theresa May has pledged to deal with far-right extremism but has so far not done enough. The biggest problem in Britain are far-right groups. Most of them blame ethnic minorities, refugees and immigration for Britain’s problems, while letting the current and successive governments off the hook. The far-right scapegoats ethnic minorities and whips up hate and division. That is their main objective.

On 16 June 2016, Labour MP Jo Cox was murdered by Thomas Alexander Mair, a far-right extremist who had links to Britain First. He was known for his racist and intolerant views towards ethnic minorities. Rightfully, Mair was jailed for life for Jo’s murder.

Recently, Tommy Robinson and many other far-right supporters attended a 60,000-strong rally in Poland, where thousands of people called for Jews and Muslims to be driven out of Europe. This rally – and there have been dozens more held in parts of Europe – replicated the rallies of the Nazis in 1930s Germany.

Tommy Robinson and Britain First regularly hold rallies in Muslim communities in places like Birmingham and Luton specifically to cause provocation and trouble. And each time they come under attack they play the part of the victim.

Antisemitism and Islamophobia are both on the rise. Synagogues and mosques have been vandalised and others have had pig’s heads left outside them. Those responsible for these abhorrent crimes are far-right supporters. This is what they do: attack ethnic minorities and a person’s faith in their crusade against multiculturalism. Their aim is to divide and destroy communities.

One thing that gets me is the way far-right supporters always justify the actions of their own. The recent incident in Charlottesville and the murder of Jo Cox – according to the far-right – was because the attackers had ‘mental health problems’, yet as soon as an act of terror has been committed by a jihadist, the far-right are outraged.

I have mental health issues but I do not commit acts of terror. And talking of jihadists, they are not real Muslims; they have merely hijacked Islam as part of their own toxic and barbaric ideology. Islam is a peaceful religion and the majority of Muslims are outraged when acts of terror are committed in the name of Islam. Muslims have held rallies in London, Birmingham and Luton condemning terrorism, but these are rarely reported by the mainstream media. Social media is the best source of information nowadays.

Donald Trump’s recent declaration of Jerusalem being the capital of Israel has caused deep divisions between Jews, Arabs and Muslims – and the far-right is exploiting it.

I would like Parliament to consider a Bill where MPs debate and vote on banning far-right groups in Britain, and also lifetime political bans for any person who condones hate against ethnic minorities or singles out particular groups, such as Jews and Muslims. If a person has racist and divisive opinions then they are unfit to be in politics. Their views also mean that they will show a biased attitude against ethnic minorities.

As part of this Bill I would like Parliament to also debate and vote on making Holocaust denial and mocking the Holocaust a criminal offence, and treated as a hate crime. I have long called for Holocaust denial to be made illegal in Britain, and have consequently been accused of attacking freedom of speech. Likewise, I have previously been accused of attacking freedom of speech by calling for far-right groups to be banned in Britain.

Freedom of speech does not include racism, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, antisemitism, Islamophobia, or any other form of bigotry.

The far-right is a cancer in our society and it needs wiping out. A gay couple should have the right to hold hands and kiss in public. Jewish people have the right to attend their local synagogue without being abused on the street. Muslims have the right to attend mosque without fear. And a person from the BAME community has the right to travel on public transport without being racially abused.

I am delighted that the Jewish community in Stanford Hill, London, has started to relocate to Canvey Island, Essex. Local people have said how friendly their new Jewish neighbours are, and likewise the Jewish community has said it has been made to feel very very welcome.

This is the very thing that the far-right opposes: it opposes multiculturalism and tolerance, the same far-right that has hijacked the Union Jack and the poppy as part of its toxic ideology.

The far right claim to be British patriots, yet when Labour held its party conference in Brighton this year, they stupidly mistook the Brighton Pavilion – which was displayed in the conference hall – as a mosque. Hundreds of them took to social media to vent their outrage, only to be humiliated.

The far-right also claim to respect Britain’s war dead and all war heroes who have fought for this country. Yet, they also support the ideology of the Nazis and the fascists – the very ideologies the Allies fought against to liberate Europe and restore democracy and freedom.

The best way of tackling hate crime is by attacking the root cause – and in Britain it happens to be the far-right.

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Tories block Labour’s Bill to lower the voting age to 16. So much for democracy #VotesAt16 

The Conservative Party slogan is ‘A country that works for everyone’. Yet, on Friday, Conservative MPs deliberately filibustered a Labour-led Bill in parliament on lowering the voting age to 16, meaning parliament could not vote on the Bill. This just proves the Conservatives’ sheer and utter contempt for non-affluent young people. 
It is about time that filibustering was banned in parliament. 

The reason why the Conservatives are against lowering the voting age to 16 is because young people are more likely to vote Labour – and who can blame them after the way they are being treated?

Since 2010, the Conservatives’ austerity policies have hit young people from poorer backgrounds extremely hard. These youngsters have been priced out of further education. EMA was abolished. Careers offices have closed. Tuition fees continue to be hiked. And apprenticeships are inaccessible.

Only young people from affluent backgrounds are benefiting from further education because their families can afford it. Meanwhile, young people from poorer backgrounds are being forced into zero hours contracts and low-paid jobs so the Conservatives can crow about falling unemployment. 

Young people are the future of Britain and I believe it is only fair that they get to have their say. The Conservatives have created a lost generation, young people are leaving school with no ambition and have been priced out of further education. Young people deserve a fair and equal deal and must be given the opportunity to have a decent start in life. They deserve it. 

Instead of relying on cheap overseas labour, we should invest in young people so they have the skills to become doctors, nurses, builders, engineers, electricians and suchlike instead of forcing them into jobs that offer no hope or progression. Schools should also allow young people to study these jobs thus encouraging young people to leave school with an ambition.

I get frustrated and find it patronising when people say that 16 and 17-year-olds are not mature enough to vote. 


Young people are more clued up on politics than people think. Since the rise of Jeremy Corbyn, thousands of young people aged under 18 have joined Labour’s youth groups and get involved with local campaigning. Many are also fluent with using the internet and have access to a vast amount of information. 

I regularly have debates with young people on social media and they always debate sensibly and put forward strong opinions and arguments. And they are always polite, yet I have had adults aged over 25 resorting to insults and abuse just because they disagree with my opinions, while others have resorted to racism and bigotry. Those views and opinions are not welcome and only prove one thing: these people literally have no argument. 

In the last election, Jeremy Corbyn acquired a huge amount of votes from students because he has addressed and pledged to end the Tories’ austerity policies and huge hurdles that are causing many a very difficult life. Labour has pledged to axe tuition fees and look at historical student debt. Only Labour is serious about putting young people first and giving them a decent start in life. And this is why the Conservatives fear lowering the voting age to 16, because they know Labour will benefit and will win the election with a decent majority. Data from the last election shows that more under 45s voted Labour than Conservative. 

I have long supported lowering the voting age to 16. People can get married at this age, pay tax and even join the army – so it is only fair that they get to have their say. People must stop writing off 16 and 17-year-olds as being immature and start taking them more seriously. 

Jeremy Corbyn has changed the political landscape in Britain and many young people now look up to him. As I said earlier, young people are the future of Britain and deserve to be part of democracy by having their say in elections. 

I fear for the future for Britain’s young people, including my niece and two nephews. When they turn 16, I want them to be able to have their say in elections. By lowering the voting age to 16, I believe it will encourage more young people to get involved in politics, and many of them will go on to be local councillors and MPs. And it will also end our political system being led by people from affluent backgrounds including Etonians, many of whom are completely out of touch with ordinary people. 

Unlike the Conservatives, I believe in democracy, which is why I support lowering the voting age to 16, and I fully support Labour’s pledge towards ending tuition fees and reinstating EMA. 

Only Labour will put an end to young people being marginalised. The party will not give up fighting for young people and will continue pursuing a parliamentary vote on lowering the voting age to 16, while it remains in opposition. 

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Jeremy Corbyn to visit Brussels for Brexit talks 

Jeremy Corbyn MP, Leader of the Labour Party, will travel to Brussels for meetings with leading European Union politicians and negotiators on Thursday (19 October) to set out Labour’s Brexit priorities and attempt to help move the talks forwards and break the Brexit logjam.Jeremy Corbyn will be meeting EU chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier and President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani. There will also be bilateral meetings with the Italian, Swedish and Portuguese Prime Ministers. He will be accompanied by two members of Labour’s Brexit team, Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer, and Shadow International Trade Secretary, Barry Gardiner.

Jeremy Corbyn MP, Leader of the Labour Party, said:

“As the Government’s splits and Brexit bungling become ever more damaging, Labour stands ready to take up responsibility for the Brexit negotiations.

“A no-deal Brexit would be a bad deal for Britain, threatening jobs and living standards. It would also harm our European neighbours. That’s why it’s in all our interests to increase the pressure for real progress in the current talks and move on to negotiations about our future trading relationship.

“Far from viewing the European Union as ‘the enemy’, Labour would conduct negotiations in a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect with the aim of achieving a strong settlement for Britain and a new relationship with Europe.

“We are clear in our priorities: a jobs-first Brexit which maintains tariff-free access to the Single Market to protect trade and living standards. Labour will guarantee the rights of EU citizens living in the UK, and seek reciprocal arrangements for British citizens living in mainland Europe.

“The UK is leaving the European Union, but how we do so will be crucial to our country’s future for decades to come. The Government is lurching towards a no-deal Brexit, egged on by a powerful faction which wants to use Brexit to turn Britain into a deregulated tax haven.

“I am unapologetic in taking every opportunity to seek to influence the final Brexit deal in the interests of the many, not just the few.”

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Heartbreaking homelessness and hardship in Blackpool – linked to Tory cuts 

I am no stranger to Blackpool. I first visited the resort with my family in the late 1980s, I was aged 10 or 11 at the time, but from the moment I arrived I fell in love with it. And so did the rest of my family.
Over the last 30 years I have visited Blackpool literally dozens of times, from family holidays to wild weekends with friends. And I have had some romantic times here too. It has always been my dream to live and work in Blackpool, and my dream became a reality last month when I quit Essex for a new life. Some people think I am crazy, others think I am brave. 

I have only been living in Blackpool for a few weeks and I have quickly settled in. The locals are very friendly and my neighbours and new work colleagues have made me feel very welcome. But what has caught my eye in Blackpool is the hardship and homelessness that has hit so many people, both young and old. And it has been caused by Tory cuts.

On a daily basis I see people begging on the streets, people laying on pavements and in shop doorways wrapped up in duvets and even elderly people asking if people can spare them 50p so they can get a hot drink.

Only recently a young woman in her early 20s was causing a commotion in the town square. She was in a very distressed state and screamed at the police that she had nothing to live for, she was sick of sleeping rough and being cold and hungry. She said she would be better off dead. The police arrested her and took her away for her own safety.

But there we have it: another person with mental health problems who was thrown into a police cell for the night due to the lack of hostels and support for mental health sufferers because of Tory cuts.

I have bought some of these people, who are victims of the Tories’ brutal austerity programme, a hot meal and hot drink, and they have really appreciated it. I have talked to them and listened to their concerns. And, surprise, surprise, some have been made homeless and pushed into severe hardship because of Universal Credit due to delayed payments and administrative errors caused by the crap IT system is uses. Universal Credit is not fit for purpose but the Tories simply do not care.

The Tories recently announced the closure of 87 Jobcentres – two are in Blackpool. People can barely afford to live as it is, yet they are told by Tory MP Liz Truss to “go to the Jobcentre” if they can not afford to pay 55p-a-minute when calling the Universal Credit helpline.

Firstly, you cannot just “go to the Jobcentre” unless you have an appointment. Secondly, if a person cannot afford to pay 55p-a-minute by calling the helpline, how the hell can they be expected to afford the cost of travel to their nearest Jobcentre which could be more than 10 miles away due to the Tories closing swathes of Jobcentres? 

Blackpool is not alone in feeling the effects of Tory cuts, as these problems are being felt across the country. But for me it is heartbreaking seeing so many people in Blackpool suffering. There never used to be this many people sleeping rough and begging on the streets, and from what I have seen it has opened up my eyes to the real world.

Where I come from in Thurrock, Essex, Tory cuts are biting, but not to the extent as they are in Blackpool. I never saw much homelessness and begging in Thurrock, though it is on the increase in neighbouring Basildon and further down the Thames Estuary in Southend-on-Sea.

The Tories could not care less that so many people across the country are suffering because of their brutal austerity programme. But what is worrying me now is winter is fast approaching, and the weather can be very cruel in Blackpool, yet dozens of people are sleeping rough. And some of them will die this winter.

Theresa May and the Tories claim they have transformed Britain into “a country that works for everyone”. 

They should try telling that to the victims of  their brutal austerity programme that is continuing to destroy lives by causing hardship, homelessness and unavoidable deaths. 

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Statement on Jess Phillips, Nadeem Ahmed and that fake tweet 

Last night an unfortunate occurrence on Twitter led to Jess Phillips wrongly being accused of posting a tweet suggesting she was going to contact the Home Office about one of her constituents, Mr Nadeem Ahmed, whom have both been embroiled in bitter exchanges over the last few days.  This tweet turned out to be fake, and Jess Phillips has now complained that a series of fake tweets have been set up in her name. These tweets are libellous, offensive and have caused Jess a great deal of distress and abuse. 

I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to Jess Phillips for wrongly accusing her of posting the tweet. Nadeem contacted me in a very distressed state as he has been experiencing racial and Islamophobic abuse on Twitter in relation to his on-going bitter exchanges with Jess – none of which she has orchestrated. 

The racist abuse Nadeem is continuing to experience and the misogynistic abuse being directed at Jess must stop now. Regardless of who you are, if I see any further abusive tweets directed at either individual then you will be blocked and reported. 

Nobody has the God-given right to abuse a member of the public or a politician on social media – or anywhere else. Remember, nobody is above the law. 

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Scott Nelson bids farewell to Essex for a new life in Blackpool 

It is official. After a seven-month wait my transfer to Blackpool has finally come through and I start my new post on 2 October. 

I have loved Blackpool ever since I first visited in the late 1980s, I was about 10-years-old and I instantly fell in love with it. Blackpool is by far way better than the daytrips I had to Southend-on-Sea and Clacton-on-Sea. Blackpool has something for everyone and is very friendly and hospitable seaside resort.

I am very much looking forward to my move and a new journey in my life. Blackpool might not be paradise for some people, but for me it has always had a special place in my heart. I will be leaving Essex in a few week’s time and have a lot to do between now and then, so my Twitter appearances will be sparse. 

I will still engage in political debates on Twitter and I will still be campaigning for social justice, but my new life will give me a new perspective. Living by the seaside will benefit my health and I look forward to meeting new friends. But most of all I am looking forward to a new beginning and my independence.

I have lived in Thurrock all my life but no longer feel happy there, the borough has become run down because of Tory cuts, overpopulated, polluted and mass housebuilding on the green belt is eroding the borough’s beauty spots.

That said, I still have connections to Thurrock and will be making recurring visits, but my new adventure in Blackpool is about to begin and I have never been happier!

Thank you everyone for your support and patience, your friendship means a lot to me and you have all been a tower of strength. 


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Jackie Doyle-Price complains about crime in Thurrock – despite voting to cut police numbers

Jackie Doyle-Price has rightfully raised concerns about the so-called Essex cruisers who roar around West Thurrock every Friday and Saturday night. And she is right: it is only a matter of time before someone will get killed. 

Thurrock residents have complained about the Essex cruisers and raised concerns about them for years now, but despite this, our voices have not been heard. 

Right now Thurrock is experiencing a crime wave. Here in Aveley, local residents have started to make a stand against antisocial behaviour. And this week, Ensign suspended its bus service to the Kenningtons Estate in Aveley because hooligans were throwing stones and firing catapults at buses. 

A series of illegal raves have happened over the last few months, causing misery and noise nuisance to local residents in Aveley, Ockendon and Chafford Hundred. These raves were reported to the police but no action was taken due to the lack of police resources. 

Since 2010, police numbers have been cut by more than 20,000, and Essex Police numbers have been cut by more than 600. It was recently reported that crime has increased to record levels in England and Wales. In 2015, the police and intelligence services warned Theresa May – who had been Home Secretary since 2010 – that her cuts were putting Britain at risk of crime and terror. 

Her response? She accused them of scaremongering. However, this warning became a reality in 2017, as Britain has had four terror attacks – three in London and one in Manchester – and official figures recently released revealed record crime in England and Wales. Gun and knife crime are also on the increase. And despite the crime and terror surge in England and Wales the Tories have not ruled out further cuts to police numbers. 

I commend Jackie Doyle-Price for again challenging the Essex cruisers, and I strongly condemn the abuse and death threats she has received online, but she voted for police cuts and must accept that her actions have contributed to the crime wave in Thurrock.

I do, however, get very angry at people who complain about police cuts, the state of the NHS and cuts to local services, yet still continue to vote Conservative and re-elect the very politicians who voted for austerity including cuts to public services. 

Voting Conservative is no different than turkeys voting for Christmas. 

Theresa May’s magic money tree is never around when we need it most. The only way crime and terrorism can be defeated is by reversing police cuts. If the Tories can afford to bung the DUP £1.5bn just they can remain in power, blow £15.8bn on Universal Credit, £55bn on HS2 and £205bn on Trident then they can afford to recruit more police officers. 

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