A left-wing revolution is on the horizon – and Jeremy Corbyn is at the heart of it

Jeremy Corbyn will win the leadership contest with an even bigger majority and Labour will become even more divided. This will lead to the party splitting and the Blairites and Corbyn critics will break away from Labour and one of two things could happen: 

1. They will form a new Blairite party 

2. They will form an SDP-style party with the Lib Dems – Tim Farron has been very vocal about Corbyn since Brexit and he personally holds him responsible for the outcome

If Labour does split then this will be a good thing in my opinion. Firstly, Corbyn could seize control of the party if he wins the leadership contest, he would have the backing of party members, trade unions and he would remain as Labour leader. Corbyn could then rebuild Labour and shape it into a real people’s party, a real Socialist party that stands up for workers and fiercely opposes Tory austerity and the Establishment. Corbyn could reach out TUSC and the Socialist Workers’ Party (SWP) and they could merge with Labour. 

Corbyn could also form an anti-austerity alliance with the SNP, the Green Party, Plaid Cymru and Sinn Féin and these parties will form part of the strong, Left movement. But most importantly, if Corbyn does win the leadership contest and it leads to the party splitting, the Left could then take control of Scottish Labour. Kezia Dugdale may well resign as Scottish Labour leader following the Labour Party split, she has already called for Corbyn to resign and I cannot see how she could remain Scottish Labour leader when she opposes Corbyn’s leadership. 

If the Left seizes control of Scottish Labour it really must improve its working relationship with the SNP. Right now, Britain has never needed a Labour government as much as it does right now, and for the good of Scotland and Britain we need to build a strong left-wing movement. The Establishment was rocked by the Brexit result and is very fearful by the Left gaining momentum across the country. 

There is light at the end of the tunnel. Corbyn is likely to win the Labour leadership and if Labour is liberated from the Blairites, he will have the scope to rebuild Labour and develop a manifesto that ensures a fairer economy and a political revolution on a scale Britain has never seen before. And by 2020, Labour will have strong candidates who will win back voters in working class communities across the country including in Scotland after the Left seizes control of Scottish Labour. Corbyn’s army of loyal activists in his Momentum movement will work tirelessly across the country winning back support from UKIP and floating voters. 

I feel a left-wing political revolution is on the horizon and Jeremy Corbyn will be at the heart of it. The Left is going to take control of Britain and I, like millions of others, will be part of it. There are exciting times ahead. 

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