I’m a Public Sector worker. And I’m sick of millionaires telling me I don’t deserve a pay rise 

I have worked in the Public Sector since 2001, and back then it was a great place to work. The working environment was relaxed and easy-going, senior managers treated you with respect and the pay was pretty decent, as were the perks and privileges. 
Offices were fully staffed; however, the IT we used was out of date, but it still did the job. And Departments were well managed and organised. 

In 2010 things changed within a matter of months when Labour left office and David Cameron became Prime Minister with his lapdog Nick Clegg. One of the first things they did was impose a 1% pay cap on Public Sector workers. Some of us had a 4-year pay freeze. Then they started robbing our pensions and hiked the retirement age – mine to 68. We are now paying more pension contributions but will receive less when we retire.

The next thing they did was start culling staff, closing offices, centralising work and setting unachievable targets. Since 2010, the Public Sector has become too target driven. And staff sickness across Government Departments has accelerated, mostly mental health problems caused by work-related stress. And if you take too many sick days your case is referred to a Decision Maker to decide your fate.

After a 4-year pay freeze I received a paltry 1% pay rise in 2015 – while MPs including George “we’re all in this together” Osborne – received 11%. And when trade unions complained about this, David Cameron arrogantly said that most people had been taken out of Tax and that was a substitute for a pay rise. 

The Tories are deliberately underfunding our public services including the NHS so they can justify selling them off. Poor performance can be used as the perfect excuse to brainwash taxpayers into agreeing that taxes should not be wasted on public services. They did that to British Rail from 1979 onwards which led to the privatisation of the railways in 1993. 

Public Sector workers have been hit hard with austerity and we have had enough. How dare millionaires including David Cameron and Norman Lamont say that we don’t deserve a pay rise. And now Tory MPs are trying to put Theresa May under pressure to end the Public Sector pay cap despite voting against Labour’s attempt to end the cap last week. Hypocrites, the lot of them.

The Tories don’t have a magic money tree to give Public Sector workers a pay rise but have so far blown £15.8bn on Universal Credit. Billions have also been wasted on the disastrous topdown reorganisation of the NHS which has resulted in huge deficits in England due to overspending on expensive agency staff and consultants because of staff shortages. A staggering £205bn is also available to upgrade Trident, while the Queen will get a taxpayer-funded rise of £8m because she can’t manage on £74m a year. And let’s not forget about the £1.5bn Theresa May paid the toxic DUP to keep her in power. 

Some ignorant Tory MPs have questioned where the money will come from if the Public Sector pay cap is lifted. I’ll tell you where it will come from: the same place where you have found £15.8bn to blow on Universal Credit, £8m for the Queen and the £1.5bn Theresa May paid the DUP.

I have worked in the Public Sector for 16 years and like many other people in my profession I am ready to quit. The Public Sector used to be a fun place to work, but since 2010 it’s been transformed into a workhouse where staff are treated like battery hens. We are sick of being overworked, underpaid and undervalued. 

Enough is enough. 

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